IEA draws on a wealth of experience in intelligence analysis supporting the larger Intelligence Community (IC), Federal Law Enforcement (LE), the Department of State (DoS), and Department of Defense (DoD), specifically the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD). Beyond simply delivering outstanding all-source analysis to our various customers, we are well versed in providing sophisticated, tailored support to a variety of counterintelligence missions, including industrial protection, Insider Threat, and enterprise security. This intelligence analysis illustrates how to conduct research from a continually-increasing stream of classified and unclassified data sources, in order to synthesize clear assessments and models of potential vulnerabilities, threats and risks, and present these deliverables to customer decision makers.

Our Services Include

Intelligence, Surveillance
and Reconnaissance Planning, Budgeting and Acquisition

Our Subject Matter Experts help the Defense Intelligence Enterprise develop requirements for and acquire ISR platforms that our warfighter needs today and in the future. We also help manage the development and execution of the Military Intelligence Program.

Intelligence and Special Operations Policy Development and Oversight

We help DoD’s most senior leaders formulate the right policies and authorities for our nation’s most sensitive missions. We ensure our warfighters have the agility required to meet mission, while remaining consistent with policy, the law, and our national values.

Special Activities
Planning and Integration

We develop, review, and recommend tailored courses of action using compartmented and sensitive programs for senior decision makers.

Portfolio and Financial Management

From IT inventory to real property, IEA assists our customers in managing lifecycle portfolio requirements, while also tackling financial and audit needs.

Insider Threat/Continuous Evaluation

Our analysts keep our customers’ most sensitive information safe by finding vulnerabilities and red flags among the cleared workforce.

Enterprise and Facilities Security

IEA manages personnel, facilities, and network security for security-driven organizations across the U.S. Government.