Public Diplomacy

The need for law and order, as well as justice and respect for human rights is paramount in a world of growing transnational threats. Unfortunately, many nations around the world lack capable public diplomacy efforts, police forces and transparent criminal justice systems to counter these growing threats. This poses a major problem, not only for those countries and regions, but also here at home in the US. Emerging countries with weak Rule of Law and diplomatic capacity can serve as breeding grounds for crime and extremism, while abusive and corrupt law enforcement may lead to human rights violations and potential political instability. IEA provides our federal clients with Rule of Law expertise, Police Advisors and Justice Advisors, as well as other diplomatic Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in support of US foreign policy priorities around the world. We conduct capacity building training and mentorship to emerging governments in austere and hostile locations worldwide. IEA deploys diplomatic and Rule of Law support services for the purpose of transforming and professionalizing law enforcement and judicial functionality by developing professional security institutions that are accountable to legitimate civilian authority.

Our Services Include

Law Enforcement Corrections Support

We provide Policing and Corrections Support to worldwide INL missions supporting relationships between US, Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies and local governments.

Rule of Law

IEA provides policy guidance and development of institutional capacity building and professionalizing justice sector personnel through legal education and training initiatives.

Program Management

Provide CONUS and OCONUS program management and advisory support facilitating communication and coordination with stakeholders and Senior Leadership teams

Foreign Affairs/Program Support

Provide programmatic, contractual, administrative and logistics support to 25+ Department of State Bureaus

Conflict and Stabilization Expertise

Participate in conflict prevention and stabilization engagements, with a particular focus on supporting operation planning, management, and field engagement

Architect/Design Support

Provide design, research, and technical assistance for a wide range of architectural design services in support of Overseas Building Operations (OBO) projects around the world.