Who We Serve

IEA has successfully provided support to over 100 programs to include over 200 task orders across the Federal Government.
We have earned corporate awards and individual employee recognition for our quality of work and services.

of State (DoS)

“What is also impressive about IEA is that they maintain open communication at all times, which allows
us instant access
and immediate response/resolution to any issues or concerns. IEA’s ability to consistently communicate with both customer and employees has led to a happy workforce and a satisfied customer. IEA provides exceptional, responsive service and truly sets
the bar for excellence
in this industry.”

- DoS, Bureau of Western Hemispheres Affairs

of Defense (DoD)

“Contract transition was exceptionally smooth. Reporting and coordination has been, and remains, detailed and accurate, and the new staff IEA has brought on are highly qualified and instant contributors to our mission. IEA has been responsive, flexible, and easy to work with. IEA has done an outstanding job meeting requirements. They achieved a 100% transfer of incumbent personnel.”

- DoD, US Air Force
ISSO Program

National Institutes
of Health (NIH)

“IEA has displayed a great willingness to comply with requests made with extremely tight deadlines in support of the contract. This has resulted in great confidence that all concerns or questions will be satisfied, allowing for seamless customer service from Kelly Government Solutions, the prime contract holder.”

- NIH, Professional
and Technical Support Services Program

of Justice (DoJ)

IEA continuously met contract requirements
and often exceeded expectations in completing the various tasks associated with
this contract. The craftsmanship, attention
to detail, functionality, and adherence to industry and governmental standards satisfied the customers’ requirements and led
to best practices subsequently implemented throughout the intelligence community.

- DoJ,
US Marshals Service

of Veterans Affairs (VA)

“The IEA team’s insight and meticulous grasp
of our needs have rejuvenated our department. With minimal supervision, IEA staff develop policy statements, congressional testimony, and briefing materials for high level officials, including the Secretary
of State & President of
the United States. In all instances, I am confident that IEA staff will represent our department with the utmost professionalism.”

- VA, Office of Management and Budget

Customer Testimonials

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“Over the course of the PTAPSS initiative, we have encountered many small business support providers.
IEA has demonstrated performance above and beyond our expectations and added value to DoS activities.
We are assured that IEA has outperformed competitors.”

“Our experience with IEA
has been, and remains exceptionally good. Their team was extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure
to work with...IEA delivered quality
every juncture in a cost
conscious manner.”

“I have managed contracts since July 1993 and this is the first and only contract that I have given all superior ratings to. The management plan, quality assurances, timely deliverables,
quality of personnel 
and services and professionalism are textbook of how contracts should be executed.
Truly a best experience.”   

“IEA’s effectiveness in providing superior project management is exemplified by the fact they have consistently delivered...on time
—even in the face of a 300%
increase in workload.”